Business Owners Policy

Start business insurance quoteProtecting your assets is essential for any business owner. For many companies, one of the most convenient ways to do so is with a business owners policy (commonly called a BOP), which combines multiple insurance coverages into one comprehensive package. The premium for a BOP is generally less than it would be to purchase these coverages separately.  A cost-effective way to get the coverage you need, a BOP has the flexibility to expand as your business grows and your needs change over time.

Business owners policies provide property coverage, liability coverage and many additional types of coverage that most businesses require. Optional coverages can also be added separately to meet the specific needs of your business.  Typically, a BOP policy includes:

  • Property insurance covers buildings, equipment and inventory.
  • Business interruption insurance covers accidents that cause you to shut operations or reduce production.  Business interruption insurance can restore lost profits or pay continuing expenses, typically for up to a year for insured losses.
  • Crime insurance covers loss of money or securities resulting from burglaries or robberies or destruction as well as losses from employee theft or embezzlement.
  • Liability insurance covers lawsuits arising from accidents (as when someone trips and falls on your business’s property) or when you sell a product that damages the customer’s property or you are accused of offenses such as slander, copyright or invasion of privacy.

We will work with you to create a tailored business owners coverage package that suits your specific needs.

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