Business Umbrella Insurance

Start business insurance quoteYou’ve worked hard to build your business.  As a small business owner, you know that a lawsuit could be devastating to your company. Why take that chance? Business umbrella liability insurance provides the extra protection you need to mitigate risk.

As its name implies, umbrella insurance extends your coverage beyond the limits of your business auto liability, general liability or other liability coverage. Umbrella insurance is important because it covers unexpected events. It's an inexpensive way to provide extra coverage against bodily injury and/or property damage and in certain instances; it could literally save your business.

Here’s how it works.  If several people were injured on your property and required $2 million in medical treatment but the liability limit of your underlying policy is $1 million, your umbrella insurance policy could cover the additional $1,000,000 (if you're found liable).

$2,000,000  Cost of Medical Treatment    
$1,000,000  Your Basic Liability Limit
$1,000,000  Gap Which Umbrella Policy Could Cover

A variety of factors go into determining how much umbrella coverage you need, including the type of business you own and how much coverage you already have.  We’ll work with you to determine the level that suits your business needs.

Don’t get left out in the rain.  A commercial umbrella policy can keep your business covered.

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