Environmental Impairment Liability

Start business insurance quoteYou might not think a car wash would have an environmental exposure, but consider the consequences of the accumulation of oil, detergent, wax, engine lubricants and rubber particles being flushed into the sewer system or, even worse, a lake, river or stream. Many environmental losses are not that hard to imagine.

In fact, many businesses that handle seemingly innocuous materials have the potential for an environmental loss. In high concentrations, even the most benign substance can do harm.

Environmental insurance provides protection against the following risks of financial loss:

• Third-party claims for bodily injury and/or property damage
• Remediation expenses, including investigating the extent and nature of the pollutant, monitoring, removing and disposing of the pollutant
• Defense costs incurred in the investigation, adjustment settlement and defense of a claim.

This coverage responds to gaps in general liability policies and the growing demand among environmental regulators, environmentally-conscious investors and consumers for businesses to be held financially responsible for pollution releases.

Environmental liability coverage provides businesses with protection against potentially devastating loss from environmental exposures.  Because each risk is unique, we will work with you to customize coverage to your businesses’ specific risk needs.

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