Garage Liability

Start garage liability insurance quoteRunning an auto-related business, whether it’s a repair garage, service station, automobile dealer or delivery and towing operation, is a lot of work.  You’re under pressure to meet your customers’ deadlines and to make sure your invoices get paid, as well as a slew of other duties. When you purchase garage insurance from Gaudette, protecting your business is one less thing you have to worry about!

A garage policy is a specialized coverage for vehicle–related businesses that combines features of general liability and commercial auto liability.  Businesses such as auto repair shops or used car dealers have normal activities that blur the line between operations and driving.  Garage liability insurance covers liability for the premises and operations, products and completed operations, as well as for the use of autos over the road.  Two important coverage parts that are typically added to a garage policy are dealer’s physical damage and garagekeepers’ liability.  The first covers damage to vehicles held for sale, while the second covers customers' cars while at the shop.

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