E & O Insurance for Realtors

Start realtor insurance quoteAs a real estate professional, the transactions you handle, whether it's your client's first home or a large commercial transaction, are becoming more complex.  Although you set the standard with a high level of service and expertise, occasionally something goes wrong. 

Lawsuits, even frivolous ones, can cost your firm time and money.  Now, more than ever, it is critical that all real estate professionals carry E&O insurance.  In fact, if you are a franchisee of a major real estate company, carrying E&O insurance is typically a requirement.

If you are ever sued and a judgment is awarded or a settlement is reached, defense costs and payouts could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Without proper coverage, you could be responsible for these costs. E&O insurance covers these costs to protect you, your sales associates, your reputation, and your business finances.  Your E&O policy will pay your defense costs and damages, up to the policy limits on a covered claim. What's covered? Most of your activities as a real estate professional: selling a house, appraising a structure and other activities that fall under your professional scope.  Coverage this important can't be ignored—or left to just anyone.

We have represented the Realty Choice™ errors and omissions insurance from Schinnerer and CNA Insurance for the past 15 years and this program has recently been endorsed by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). 

To get a free quote, either complete our online business insurance quote form or call us at 800-922-8381.  You can also log on to the Schinnerer website and list us, Gaudette Insurance, as your retail broker. We will contact you with the proposal and take the time to review the details of the coverage with you.