Condo Insurance

Start condo insurance quoteWhile your condo association probably has its own insurance policy, protecting your personal property is up to you. That's why having a personal condo insurance policy is important.

Condo associations have master policies that cover the property, common areas and the physical structure of your building. However, these master policies do not cover your personal property or your legal responsibility to others, and they may not cover improvements or customizations to your unit.  That's where condo insurance comes in.

Since condo owners have unique insurance needs, here are a couple questions you can ask yourself to make sure that you are properly covered:

  • What does your master policy cover?
  • How expensive is the association deductible?
  • How much coverage is appropriate?
  • Cash value or replacement cost coverage?
  • Have you insured contents and structure?
  • Are you covered for flood and wind damage?

With so many details and options to consider, let us help you select the right coverage for your condo.

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