Our Customers Say It Best!

Day in and day out, we do our best to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Take a look at what our happy customers are saying about our efforts!


"We were amazed how quickly our clail was settled and a check was received.  Erin is the best!"

-Rose & Michael Molinari


“With the opening of my real estate office MartyGreenProperties.com, I had to purchase a variety of different insurances. Deborah Rose identified the most comprehensive coverage at a very affordable price for a new business. Deborah also made the decision making very easy."

-Marty Green


"First words from Carin, 'Are you OK?'.  I knew then all would be good.  We spoke on the phone, in persona and via email.  My total being was shaken but she took care of it all.  Bonus *s for a fantastic agent."

-Sheryl Anderson


"It was excellent! Every time I called I got service that indicated that Gaudette was interested in my problems and were very helpful."

-Peter Malkowski


"From the time we submitted our claim, we received exceptional service.  The settlement check was received by us in one week’s time!  Thank you so much!"

-Kelly Bol


"Very trustworthy - fast, complete service - relieved the worry and strain of my traffic accident - Excellent attention!"

-Marjorie Horton


"It is always a pleasure to work with Suellen Amidon.  Her expertise and professionalism assure us that Gaudette Insurance is a quality agency.

-Gosselin Builders Inc.


"I was pleasantly surprised!  I will recommend you to all my family and friends."

-Laura Pietruszka


"Gaudette was and has always been a great resource we are pleased to have.  You folks are awesome!"

-A.J. Pucell


"It's just so nice to know that if we need to put a claim in, you are very responsive, quick and caring.  Thanks for being such a wonderful insurance agency!"

-Mary Tougas


"I have excellent service, from your receptionist to my agent, along with other staff who have always taken care of all our insurance needs.  A great bunch of people!"

-Daniel Duda


"Again, I have been very satisfied with Gaudette/Commerce Insurance.  Over the years, through my employer, I receive many offers and promises of reduced insurance rates through other insurance companies but, because of my satisfaction with Gaudette/Commerce, I have repeatedly declined these offers."

-Melvin Vanden Akker


"I called at 10 am.  By 10:45 I was contacted and the process was started with the other person.  The next day (Christmas week), I was greeted by an adjuster.  Awesome service!"

-Marilyn Anderson


"I was overwhelmed with kindness during my insurance claims process.  Everyone was available to me in every corner.  Thank you!!!"

-Donna Molinaro


"Gaudette rocks!!  Thank you all so very, very much!!"

-Don Manning



"During construction of a new addition, a 2” water main separated from the meter on a Friday night. By the time the problem was discovered, the break in the main had caused extensive property damage.

The Gaudette people did an outstanding job getting the claims process moving quickly and getting the damage repaired so construction could move on.

The water problem was a true reflection of the excellent work the agency does day in and day out, not just when big problems occur. They are professional, efficient, and always friendly.

Alternatives manages over 40 properties, so there are always policy changes being made, and requests for certificates, and the work always gets done, and done quickly. The people at Gaudette could do a lot less. But they don’t. They really do much more than is expected. It is clear that they care about each customer, and that caring attitude comes through loud and clear in every transaction."

-Phil Mahoney - Alternatives


Koopman Lumber

"Koopman has a lot of small things that need attention, particularly with our auto coverage – sometimes it seems like there is something insurance related every day. Cracked windshields, license plate falls off, stickers need to be renewed.  The people at Gaudette are always available. That’s huge, because sometimes we need help quickly. Most of the time I can talk to someone right away. If I can’t, someone calls me right back.

We have a long-term relationship with Gaudette, and a major reason is because Lee looks out for us. He is always in our office well ahead of our renewal date. He goes over our coverage and makes sure that any changes in our operation are taken into consideration on the renewal. Lee stays on top of our account, and that makes my job much easier – one less thing I have to worry about.

We get a lot of phone calls every year from agents that want us to switch. We don’t even talk to them. We have no reason to."

-Kerri Mitchell - Koopman Lumber


Hartwood Artisans

"In the years since Hartwood Artisans moved to the Blackstone Valley, I have come to place a high value on our relationship with Gaudette Insurance.  Beyond the expertise and professionalism of you and your staff, your willingness to 'go the extra mile' is a quality which can be of great significance to a business like mine.

The extra effort you expended last week on my behalf was truly above and beyond the call of duty, and was of utmost importance in rectifying a situation which was of utmost importance to my company.

I stand willing to testify to the many advantages of doing business with Gaudette."

-John F. Zimmerman - Hartwood Artisans


Berroco, Inc.

"We are in the business of marketing stitchery products to the arts and crafts industry.  Some of our products are imported from Europe and promoted to the trade, and we also private label products for the industry.  We rely on product availability, and on our manufacturing operation to keep our business going, and we have to be prepared for any disaster.

When it comes to our business insurance, we rely on the entire team at Gaudette Insurance.  We consider them as our 'virtual office' for all of our business insurance needs.  We consistently receive fast attention from the people at Gaudette, and we value the fact that they are so receptive to us.  We count on them to serve us in that role, and they truly look after our interests.

Regarding business interruption insurance (and general protection), Gaudette Insurance is our source of expertise to protect our business against any unforeseen event.  They patiently showed us the value of being fully protected with business interruption insurance.

It is something that every business owner must examine closely.

We put a lot of trust in Gaudette Insurance.  The truly unique personalized service is refreshing."

-Warren Wheelock, President - Berroco, Inc.